Mayfly in the classroom  
The Mayfly in the Classroom project introduces pupils to the ecology and health of streams and rivers as well as the threats posed to them. Using a homemade classroom aquaria pupils can cultivate and care for mayfly nymphs followed by a “release-day” visit to a local river or stream such as the Upper Great Ouse here at Rectory Farm.

Mayflies are an important source of food for the trout in the river; the release-day can be used to highlight their importance in the food chain, as well as the effect water quality and flora/fauna in the riverside habitat.

Resources and activity sheets to launch your own Mayfly in the Classroom project can be downloaded from the Wild Trout Trust using the links below.

Teachers' introduction
Basic assembly instructions
How to look after your mayflies
Teachers' notes on maintenance and care
Laboratory record sheets
Discussion lesson


We are running a half day Mayfly in the classroom programme this spring to provide teachers with the help necessary to get the
project going.

If you would like further information about the programme then please contact George or Annie on 01280 848587 or email or alternatively telephone Dr Paul Gaskell at the Wild Trout Trust on 07919 157267 (please remember to quote Rectory Farm).


The picture on the left shows a Mayfly experiment in progress in our classroom.

George Eaton, Rectory Farm, Tingewick.
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